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"i am originally from Arkansas. Went to college to play basketball and had a full ride to the University of Central Arkansas and started my degree with communications. I moved out to California in the beginning of 2016 and sat down with Kris. We talked about POTP's plan and instantly fell in love with the vision and wanted to be apart of the team. I believe that "good music calms the soul, takes you to another place where it takes you away from your problems". I always say, if I can help artists take their dreams to that level, then I have done my job. I believe POTP has a group of talented artists and they all can go to the next level. All of these artists have stories to tell and I truly want to help in impacting the communitiy.


I am also the founder og G.T.T.M. (gettin to the money) which is 100% supported and affiliated with POTP. GTTM is an Athelet Development/Management company that is currently in the beginning stages. One thing I always go by anf GTTM's goal is, Always strive for progress. Not perfection."- BG Greer

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